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How to add multiple values to HubSpot filter or property in bulk?

Sometimes we have to exclude some values in bulk in HubSpot, or any other CRM, but how to avoid wasting time if we have, for example, 1000 values that should be added to a filter or multiple choice/dropdown custom property in HubSpot?

Recently I had a task to use Hubspot Active list and filter 10K+ values that should be added there. If I add them one by one, I would do this task for ages. But there is a workaround here. I'll describe it in detail in this article. 

We'll need Excel or Google Spreadsheets to complete this task. 

So, I have 10K+ values in place, but to make a HubSpot filter or Property able to recognize these values as separate, we will have to use a semicolon

1. Choose all the values you need to import. Control + A (Cmnd + A on Mac) and Control + C to copy them all.

2. Ctrl +V Paste into the Excel file.

3. Then choose a cell on the right of this row, and use the following formula (Let's assume it's cell B3): =A3&";" As a result, the left-handed cell will be copied with a semicolon sign. Please see the below screenshot (I've done it in Google spreadsheet).Excel adding semicolons to values

4. Click on the corner of the chosen cell and pull it down to copy the same values with semicolons to column B. In my case, I had 10K+ values, so I just typed B1:B10000 on the left side of the formula and pressed Enter:

Excel semicolon in bulk

5. Now we have all the values with Semicolons, and we can simply copy-paste them into the HubSpot list filter or multiple-choice or Drop-down properties. As a result, you'll have all the values listed as separate values, rather than just copying all values into a single HubSpot value.