Connect Gmail to HubSpot

In this article, I will guide you through the process of connecting Gmail to your HubSpot account

You may find it useful to see the video below, I have also added a step-by-step guide below it.


HubSpot and Gmail settings

Go to Settings - General - Email

Click on the button Connect Personal Email

In the pop-up window click on Connect my inbox

Copy and paste the email address that you want to get connected to HubSpot

Click on Next

Click on Connect to Gmail button

Click on Continue button

In the pop-up window choose your Gmail account (you must be signed in before adding it to HubSpot)

In the pop-up window click on Continue

Click on Allow

Success! My congratulations:) 

HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension

Now you will also need to download the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, you can use this link

After downloading it, find it in your Chrome extension list or find it in Gmail above your Inbox messages

Connect Gmail with HubSpot

Log in and open the Track and Log settings to ensure they are turned on. By doing so, you can receive emails in HubSpot, track opens and clicks in your CRM, and utilize other functions effectively.