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How to ensure work emails are up to date in the CRM

Work emails are getting outdated much faster (for example, people often can change their jobs) than personal emails, which are being used for life, BUT as we're a B2B company, we always prefer to keep work emails as primary.

This is an issue all CRM users are facing someday. How to keep all the data up to date? It includes email property. You don't want to have a lot of bounces when sending emails to contacts. 

At the moment, it's no option to sync everything automatically, so that the data is 100% up to date, but you can have a CRM clean-up strategy to make it work.

Consistency plays a crucial role in maintaining the organization and security of your CRM data. It is essential to implement a consistent clean-up strategy to keep your data up to date. 

If each of your HubSpot contacts is assigned to a responsible person in your company, then each person can be responsible for making updates in the CRM.

Regarding emails, I advise you to check bounces, if an email bounces, and the bounce reason is Unknown user, then you should check his profile on Linkedin, Apollo, or another system where you may have updates about this person. If you know this person well, you can also call him or send a message via messenger app to ask.

If you need help with HubSpot operations like the above, don't hesitate to contact Velainn for additional support and guidance.