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How to merge companies in hubspot

Merging company duplicates in HubSpot: options you have based on subscriptions.

To merge companies in HubSpot is quite easy. Firstly, you should find companies you want to merge. Then you'll need to click on the Main Company (which you want to remain as the main one after merging). Then you need to complete the following actions:

1. Click on Preview

2. In the pop-up window - Click on Actions

3. Click on Merge at the bottom of the pop-up.

Check the screenshot below to visualize the above steps:

how to merge companies in HubSpot

After finishing these steps, you'll see a new pop-up window:

Merge 2 companies in HubSpot

Click on Search and find a company you want to merge with your main company. You may also find it useful to read the HubSpot instructions to know more about the consequences of merging 2 companies.

HubSpot Deduplication Tool in Operations Hub Professional

If you subscribed to HubSpot Operations Hub Professional, instead of finding Company duplications manually, you can use this tool that finds possible duplications automatically.

Go to menu - Reports & Data - Data Quality in the HubSpot menu or click on Data Quality in your Company records view:

Compamy duplications in Data Quality HubSpot

Then go to Records - Duplications Issues - View All. Click on the Companies tab and check the duplicate issues found by HubSpot. Take into account, that HubSpot searches for duplications daily and it provides only options, it's not 100% that these are real duplicates, so you will have to ensure it yourself and then decide between merging or rejecting a duplication issue.

You can also watch the video created by me explaining the steps: